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Certified translation / Sworn translation
FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Kitz Global is THE expert in certified translations - We answer all questions to certified translations





What is a certified translation?

Certified translation

Certified translation online

Get a certified translation

How do I get a certified translation?


Sworn translators

What is a sworn translator?



What does a certified translation cost?

Get an instant quote on a certified translation



Kitz Global performs certified translations in all languages - which ones?

Kitz Global performs certified translations in all language combinations - which ones?



What documents require certified translation?

Certified translation of official documents

Certified translation of birth certificates

Certified translation of certificates - school report, school leaving certificate, employment certificate, etc.

Certified translation of diplomas - master's, bachelor's, doctoral, Phd diploma

Certified translation of documents - birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, certificate of unmarried status, divorce certificate

Certified translation of certificate of good conduct

Certified translation of excerpts from the commercial register

Translation of contracts

Translation of documents for a real estate purchase abroad

Certified translation of documents for employment abroad

Certified translation of documents for a marriage abroad

Professional translation of company documents

Translation of medical reports

Certified translation of divorce decrees

Sworn translation of court judgements

Certified translation of a marriage certificate

Other questions and facts about certified - sworn translations

When do I need a certified translation?
Where should I have my documents certified translated?
Who is allowed to do a certified translation?
What is an apostille?

The difference between a notarial certification and a certified translation

What does a certified translation look like?
How long does a certified translation take?
Can a text that has already been translated be certified?
What qualifications does Kitz Global have for certified translations?

Do application documents for abroad need to be certified translated?

What is the difference between an authorized, sworn or certified translator?
Is a translation certified in Austria also accepted in other countries?

In which digital format can I send you my documents?
Are original documents required for a certified translation?
Can handwritten texts also be certified translated?
An error was made in my document during its preparation. Can this be corrected in the certified translation?
Will I receive the certified translation in paper form or electronically?
Is it possible to receive the certified translation on the same day?
Can a certified translation also be sent abroad?

Can school grades be translated?


Where can I get a certified translation from Kitz Global?

Certified translation in Vienna

Certified translation in Austria

Certified translation in Salzburg

Certified translation in Germany

Certified translation in Munich

Certified translation in Switzerland

Certified, sworn translation in Zurich

Certified, sworn translation in Zug

Certified, sworn translation in Geneva​​​​​​​

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