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What is an apostille?
Certified translation of apostilles

Kitz Global specializes in certified translations of official documents, such as the Apostille, and performs them in all languages

The apostille is the certificate of authenticity of documents, deeds and especially signatures in international legal transactions. It is legalised in countries that have signed the Hague Authentication Convention. In this agreement, the countries have agreed that documents issued by their governments can be used in the other countries, provided they are provided with an "apostille". An apostille is a document that is attached to the original with a special seal that serves as a guarantee and confirmation that it is a genuine document issued by a public authority.

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Sworn translators for the certified translation of apostilles

Certified translations can only be done by sworn translators. Our employees are sworn in by the courts in many countries around the world and are therefore qualified to carry out certified translations, which means that the documents we translate are recognised by all authorities worldwide.


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