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Kitz Gobal e.U.


Niederhofen 22
A-6380 St. Johann in Tirol


Tel./Fax: +43 (0) 5352 615 71

Office Vienna:


A-1100 Vienna

Tel.: +43 (0) 664 53 4444 8

Office Budapest / Hungary:

Muraközi utca 4b
H-1025 Budapest

Office Spain:

Office Colonia de Sant Pere / Spain:

Carrer de Sant Pere 46/4

E-07579 Colonia Sant Pere


VAT ID: ATU63059415

Founder/CEO: Rita Banati

FN 547387 g


Part of the Kitz Global Group:

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Terms and Conditions


As soon as an offer has been sent and a corresponding order confirmation been received by email, you are bound by our business terms and conditions as set out below.
Should you withdraw a translation order after confirmation, you are obligated to pay all work steps completed until that time. Please note that by sending an order to Kitz Global, you accept this rule and our business terms and conditions.
In no event shall Kitz Global be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special damages or consequential damages or for damages resulting from lost profits, earnings, data loss or through use.

Business terms and conditions

  • Copyrights in the original text
  • By accepting an order, Kitz Global affirms that the business relation will be managed discreetly and no third parties included. Kitz Gobal has the right in certain situations to use translators who are not contractually bound to the company. In such cases, however, the translators must sign a binding non-disclosure agreements with regard to the respective project. The client will under no circumstances take legal proceedings against Kitz Global because of breaches or violations with regard to copyrights or translation rights. The client will likewise not initiate any other legal steps against the company with regard to situations that may arise between the two parties as a result of the contents of the original text or the corresponding translation.
  • Prices and offers
  • An offer submitted by Kitz Global is binding and includes no additional costs, unless the client makes use of additional services after submission of the original offer. 

    We reserve the right to make an exception to this binding offer regulation in the offer process of our portal "myKitzGlobal" due to a differentiated text quantity recognition: Here, in exceptional cases, a subsequent manual offer may be made if the amount of text in a document considerably exceeds the average (250 words / page). If you do not accept this offer, we will of course refund the payment already made.

  • Delivery and payment
  • All delivery dates agreed on between Kitz Global and the client become binding only once Kitz Global has received the full text to be translated as well as any changes made by the client retrospectively. Unless otherwise specified in another contract, payment shall be due 14 days after invoicing. For long-term orders or long texts, Kitz Global can agree to special contractual provisions, which provide for regular partial payments. In case of delayed payments, we reserve the right to charge overdue fines (1. EUR 10, 2. EUR 25, 3. EUR 50) and interest on arrears (8 % above LIBOR). In addition, the client shall bear any court fees and legal fees, should legal intervention be necessary in order to collect the agreed amounts.
  • Copyright in translations
  • When documents such as promotional and advertising materials are used for normal business purposes, it is standard business practice to transfer to the client all rights to the translated texts after Kitz Global has received payment for the project. This includes copyright and the right to changes. Kitz Gobal must not prosecute the client with regard to the translation, unless otherwise agreed on in writing.
  • Nondisclosure and safekeeping of client documents
  • Kitz Global at no time may disclose any information contained in the original document of the client or a translation of the same to a third party, without having first received the consent of the client to this effect. Kitz Gobal is responsible for safekeeping the client’s documents and the corresponding translation, including copies, while these are with Kitz Global and must guarantee their safe release.
  • Cancellation
  • When a project has been contracted and subsequently cancelled, the clients must either pay Kitz Global all work steps completed until that time and also costs for preliminary research and enquiries or must pay to Kitz Global damages which have been agreed between the two parties. The completed order should be made available to the client after corresponding payment has been received by us.
  • Complaints and contestations
  • All complaints to Kitz Global by the client associated with the project (or vice versa) should be filed within 30 days after the translation has been delivered. Should both parties not be able to reach a settlement, the client agrees to an outside third arbitration party to be brought in within a period of two months after the complaint has been filed. By implementing these terms and conditions and the declaration of consent with these, it shall be deemed as agreed upon that the decision by the arbitration party shall constitute a final and binding decision for both parties.
  • Indemnification
  • You declare your agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Kitz Global and its directors, staff and representatives from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, loss or outlays, including reasonable attorney fees and costs.
  • Applicable law
  • All issues associated with the services by Kitz Global shall be governed by Austrian law. All legal steps or procedures in connection with your access to or use of the website will be initiated in a court in Austria. You and Kitz Global agree to present all legal steps to the mentioned jurisdictions and furthermore agree that these jurisdictions are appropriate for hearing such a lawsuit or proceedings.
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