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Quality guarantee certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Will the certified translation issued by Kitz Global be accepted in every country?

As a general rule, certified translations within the EU will have to be accepted in the Member States according to the EU Regulation. This means that a certified translation prepared in France must be accepted in Austria, just as a certified translation prepared in Germany must be accepted in Italy.

However, a decisive prerequisite for this is that the translation must come from a court-certified translator who is sworn in for the language pair in question! However, certified translations prepared in Austria or in the EU are generally accepted worldwide. A few years ago, you had to have the certified translation done in the country concerned; this is no longer the case as long as the translator is sworn and the certified translation is done in accordance with international regulations:

  • Produced by a sworn translator
  • Provided with a certification clause
  • Stamped and signed by the sworn translator

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Sworn translators for certified translations

Certified translations can only be made by sworn translators. Our employees are sworn in by the courts in many countries around the world and are therefore qualified to produce certified translations, which means that the documents we translate are recognised by all offices.


Kitz Global has specialized in certified translations in all languages and for all countries for over 17 years. We will be happy to provide you with advise on this subject and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at any time via email, you will receive our answer in 1-2 hours at the latest.


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