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Can school grades be translated in a certified translation?

In general, the following applies: In the case of a certified translation, a sworn translator is obliged to translate the original text word-for-word and completely, i.e. to reproduce the text exactly as it appears in the original document. In this sense, this means that the sworn translator must reproduce the text exactly as it appears in the original. No changes or adaptations may be made by the sworn translator and it is also not the translator's task to decide on the equivalent of a foreign note in our country or vice versa and everything that could be connected with that.

Therefore, the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no!

However, if there is a grading scale on the certificate, this will also be translated so that the reader of the certified translation can classify the grades. However, the grades in translated form remain in the original system.


School grading systems, types of school, school-leaving qualifications

School grading systems usually differ from country to country, in the USA even from state to state. Information on this can be found at the following links:;

There is no direct equivalent and the solution is again to leave the name of the school-leaving certificate.


What is a certified translation?

Certified translations are official translations of official documents that may only be carried out by sworn translators. The sworn translator confirms that the translation corresponds to the original text by means of the certification clause, his official seal and his signature.


Personal advice on certified translations

Kitz Global is a certified, globally active language service provider. We specialise in the certified translation of official documents. With Kitz Global you have a solid contact partner who will advise you personally at all times. We are very familiar with the worldwide regulations for certified translations and are available to answer your questions at any time. Contact us at any time by phone or e-mail.


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