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Quality guarantee certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Certified translation costs - Price of a certified, sworn translation

Upload a legible scan of the document to our translation portal and you will receive the costs of the certified translation in a matter of seconds. You can then order the certified translation online and it will be delivered to you within a few days!

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Price calculation

The price for a certified translation depends on the language pair, e.g. German - English; how many pages there are, i.e. the volume, and the country for which the certified translation is intended. In general, costs for a certified translation are considerably higher than for a simple (standard) translation since certified translations can only be carried out by court-sworn translators. The sworn translator provides his translation with a certification note, a stamp and a signature. Certified translations are legal translations and are official documents in their own right. In various language pairs, a certified translation will generally cost more since there are fewer sworn translators available.

We specialize in sworn translation online and provide this service in all languages ​​and for all countries!

Kitz Global – an overview of advantages for you:

  •  All language combinations
  •  Kitz Global quality guarantee, ISO certified
  • Highly qualified, native speaker translators
  •  Strict adherence to deadlines
  •  Discretion and data security are guaranteed
  •  24/7 Service
  •  Short delivery times because express comes as standard for us
  • Stringent quality controls to guarantee consistent top quality

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