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In which digital format can I send my documents for translation?

For a certified translation, please send us fully legible scans, i.e. PDF or JPEG files. A copy of the original document must be attached to the certified translation, so it is essential that the original is perfect. If you do not have a scan available, you can also download a scanning app to your smartphone, e.g. Adobe Scan (free dowload). If this is not possible either, we ask you to take photos of the document in the worst case. The following applies: take photos from above, the background should not be visible, nothing else should be visible on the document (e.g. your finger).


You can also send us your quote request directly via our translation portal: Upload scan(s) - > Find out the price and delivery time immediately - > Order and pay within seconds - > Receive scans of the certified translation at the specified time - > If ordered, you will also receive the originals by post.

>>Instant quote for a certified translation<<


If you need a certified translation based on the original documents, which is nowadays only required in individual cases, please contact us in advance before sending us the documents by post. Please write us an e-mail and send at least the photos of the documents for a quotation.


We have been specialising in certified translations since 2005 and do them online in all languages
Do you need a certified translation of an official document, a birth or marriage certificate or a diploma? We can do it quickly, securely and without any problems! You don't have to come to the translation office in person to have a certified translation done. We only need the digital copy, i.e. the scan or a very good photo of the document you want to have translated. You can upload this scan of the document on our translation portal or send us an email to receive a quote.


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