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Can handwritten texts also be certified translated?

From time to time, we as a translation agency receive texts or documents that have been completely or at least partially handwritten for certified translation (e.g. wills). Depending on whether the writing is legible, we may need your help. However, if text passages are completely illegible, the sworn translator must note "illegible" in the certified translation.

In such cases, please scan the documents and email them to us for quotation.


Kitz Global specialises in certified translations and has two decades of experience in the field.

Do you need a certified translation of an official document, a birth certificate, company documents or certificates? We can help you quickly and easily - please send us the scan of the document in question, or the scans of the documents by e-mail. You will receive a quote with price and delivery time for the certified translation within 1-2 hours. If the offer is acceptable to you, we will start the certified translation. As soon as the translation is finished, you will receive the scan of the certified translation by e-mail and then also by post.


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