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Greek specialist translation of websites

Our English to Greek translation service – reliable and fast

Kitz Global is a certified, worldwide operating language service provider. Our translation agency provides professional Greek translations of guaranteed quality, at unprecedented speed.

We are experts in Greek website translation and localisation for all industries. You not only benefit from our decades of experience and our quality guarantee, but also from our excellent market knowledge in Greece. We provide translations to suit your target market and any intercultural differences in the respective countries is considered, thus ensuring the core identity of your website remains.

Localisation of Greek websites

Localisation refers to the process of adapting your language to suit a foreign market and a local audience. In terms of website translation, this is about adapting the language of your website to meet the needs of that specific market and culture. It is important to take cultural and linguistic differences into account in order to make any website appealing to consumers and ensure it sounds coherent in the respective target language. Accordingly, localizing your website is the first step in reaching a global market.

Turnaround time for Greek website translations

Thanks to our extensive network of translators, in most cases we can start translating as soon as we receive your order. We assign an experienced translator, with expertise in your field to your project; this can significantly reduce the time a translator not experienced in this field would spend on research.

Costs for a Greek website translation

The price calculation is based on the number of words in the source text. The higher the volume, the lower the source word price in the calculation and the more languages translated into, the lower the price for the individual languages.

>>Instant quote online for a Greek website translation<<

For volumes greater than 4000 words and for multiple languages, we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation, individual quote. Just forward us the URL of your website. Please contact us via e-mail.

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