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Quality guarantee certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Korean translations

Kitz Global delivers reliable, fast and great value Korean translations.  Qualified translators with higher level qualifications will work very meticulously on your texts, with a great deal of instinctive feel for the language.

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Business translations in Korean
Korea plays a key role in international business life and accurate Korean translations are just as important. The Far Eastern markets are very critical and require native speaker translators who are able to react appropriately to the finer points of the culture and language. The majority of the translators in the Kitz Global team have additional training and are able to get to the crux of specific texts in a wide variety of sectors.

All languages
We not only translate into Korean, but also from Korean into all the world's modern languages. And top quality is assured!

Impossible deadlines? There's no such thing!
Just let us know when you need your Korean translations and we will deliver them, meeting your exact deadline. It's as easy as that at Kitz Global. Without any express surcharge!

The Kitz Global quality guarantee
We deliver translations into and out of Korean which are of the highest quality, with the fastest turnaround and lowest prices. Send us the text for your Korean translation and see for yourself!

The Korean language is spoken predominantly in North and South Korea by more than 78 million people and is the official language of North and South Korea. It is presumed that Korean has distinct connections with Japanese. Korean is spoken in North and South Korea and is an indispensable Asian language.

Kitz Global is certified in accordance with Europe's ISO 17100 standard. 

Our translation portal - myKitzGlobal
The shortest route to a perfect translation! Receive a price and delivery time and place an order in less than a minute. You will receive your translation on time and hassle-free via email. Certified translations of official documents can also be sent by post.

Business partners – our services for companies
You can expect a fast and hassle-free service from us, complete with personal advice. Our language experts are on hand to help in all specialist fields. We of course offer special rates to companies with a high volume of content to translate.  We work with our customers to develop a trusting and long-term relationship.

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