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Sworn Translation online over our translation portal

Certified translation online!

Even if the language seems official and alien, we will untangle any tricky areas and take care of your certified translation for you. Simply send us a scan of your document or upload it to our myKitzGlobal translation portal – and we will take care of the rest! Fast, secure and hassle-free!

>>Instant quote for a certified/sworn translation<<

Kitz Global is a certified language service provider which operates across the world. Our translation agency has been providing professional translations of guaranteed quality in all languages and language combinations, with unbeatable speed, for over 15 years. Confidentiality is taken as read and you can be 100% certain that we will treat your documents in a secure and discreet manner.

Certified translation for all languages and countries

Certified translations are official translations of official documents and are carried out exclusively by sworn legal translators.

We undertake certified translations of all documents in all languages and for all countries. Simply upload a scan (a legible copy) of the document to our myKitzGlobal translation portal or send it by e-mail. You will receive a precise quote for the certified translation within a short space of time. If you wish to accept the offer, you can order and pay for the translation straight away in the myKitzGlobal translation portal. The originals will be sent to you by post, if required.

Documents which often require a certified translation:

  • ID papers, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers
  • References (e.g. education or job references)
  • Bank documents, insurance documents
  • Purchase contracts, rental contracts
  • Judicial decisions
  • Medical reports (e.g. for insurance)
  • Etc.

We provide companies with certified translations of documents such as:

  • Financial statements, balance sheets, quarterly reports
  • Extracts from the commercial register
  • Employment contracts, business contracts, partnership contracts
  • Licences, patents
  • Etc.
Certified Translation online over our translation portal

What exactly is a certified/sworn translation?

A certified translation is a legally binding guarantee by the translator of the authenticity of the translated document. As such, it is both signed and stamped. Certified translations can only be provided by sworn translators. The requirements for this differ from country to country – and a certified translation from country A may not necessarily be recognised in country B. Please therefore let us know the country for which the certified translation is required so that we can select a translator with the appropriate authorisations.

Legal provisions and certification processes worldwide:

In the Netherlands, certified translations of official documents such as birth/marriage certificates, diplomas, etc. may only be carried out by sworn translators. These translators have the relevant authorisation from the Dutch Court of Justice. Sworn translation Dutch
In Belgium, a distinction is made between sworn and legalised translations. A sworn translation bears the signature and/or stamp of the sworn translator. A legalised translation, on the other hand, must also bear the stamp of the court where the translator is accredited. Certified translation French, Flemish
Certified translations can be carried out by a lawyer or by the translation department of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and occasionally by certified translators, of which,  there are very few. Certified translation Greek
Statsautoriserte Translatørers Forening (STF) - The association of state-approved and sworn translators and interpreters in Norway. Members will have passed a very demanding written and oral translation examination in the relevant foreign language, into Norwegian and/or from Norwegian. This "Translatøreksamen" is the highest Norwegian award for the written translation of specialised texts (business, administration, law, trade and technology) from and into Norwegian. Successful examination graduates receive their accreditation from the Norwegian government, currently represented by Norges Handelshøyskole (Norwegian Business University) for this purpose. They are thus permitted to stamp and sign their papers. Certified translation Norwegian
Only state-authorised translators may produce certified translations that are legally recognised. As further proof of legal validity, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs may have a certified translation "legalised" by a state-authorised translator. As a rule, the Danish police and the courts will require translations to be carried out (and certified) by a state-approved translator. If a document is to be used in a non-signatory state, its embassy representation in Denmark must legalise the document. Certified translation Danish
In Venezuela, a certified/sworn translator is called an Interprete Público. This title is granted by the Ministry of the Interior and Justice of Venezuela. A foreign language document only has "legal value" if it is translated by an Interprete Público. Certified translation Spanish
In accordance with Law No. 20305, all public documents (including personal papers and some business contracts) must be translated by an 'officially certified translator', whose seal and signature on each document must be legalised by the professional association responsible for the translator. Certified translation Spanish
German regional courts can appoint 'sworn or authorised translators' (depending on the federal state). Sworn translations German
In Indonesia, sworn translators are often referred to as certified or authorised translators; they will have completed training and passed a qualification examination for legal translations at the School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies, University of Indonesia (FIBUI). After passing the exam, they are sworn in by the Governor of DKI Jakarta. Certified translation Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
Both the Italian courts and consulates are authorised to approve candidates who pass an exam or can verify their language skills (usually by way of a university degree) as "official translators". Certified translation Italian
In Mexico, some local bodies, such as the Court of Appeal, stipulate that a translator must have successfully passed a written and oral examination in order to be recognised as an expert or "sworn" translator. Certified translation Spanish
The standards of translation in Poland are regulated by a relevant department of the Ministry of Justice. Any translator wishing to offer such services must pass an official examination. Certified translation Polish

South Africa
In South Africa, the translator must be recognised by the Supreme Court and must personally use an original (or an affidavit copy of an original) as his source text on the spot. The translator can only swear his or her own translation. No other witnesses (such as a notary) are required to attest the authenticity of the translation. Sworn translation English, Afrikaans
In Spain, only sworn translators can carry out a certified translation. To work as a sworn translator in Spain, the candidate must pass an examination before the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Sworn translation Spanish
The "Kammarkollegiet" is an authority that appoints interpreters and translators who must first pass a rigorous examination by this organisation. Authorised translators have a protected professional title. Their translations are considered legally valid and binding for all legal purposes. Certified translation Swedish
United States of America
The US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics states, "Currently, there is no general form of certification required of interpreters and translators in the United States, but there are a variety of different tests that workers can take to demonstrate language proficiency." Certified translation English
United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom, the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) grants  a translator the right to certify translations. The ITI ensures that translators have the requisite language skills and expertise. The Institute can hold its members accountable in case of complaints. Sometimes translations have to be "sworn" for different purposes. This applies, for example, to official translations for public authorities. In the UK, 'sworn' does not affect the quality of a translation. Instead, it serves to identify the translator and his or her qualifications, so that he or she bears responsibility for that translation. Sworn translation English


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